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Braai vegetables

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Braai vegetables

Recipe Ingredients

  • An assortment of your favourite vegetables. (Take your pick from potato, sweet potato, butternut, pumpkin, bigger chunks of carrot, whole baby onions and aubergines.)

Recipe Directions

  1. Vegetables that need to be cooked through usually take much longer to braai than ones that can be eaten raw or partially cooked. If you are braaiing on skewers, make separate skewers from the two types or parboil the ones that need to be cooked through before skewering them with their less demanding counterparts.
  2. The preparation of all the veg is the same. After they are washed, peeled and chopped (and blanched, if need be), place them in a bowl and drizzle olive oil over them. Add some salt and finely chopped herbs of your choice and toss. They are now ready to be skewered or put in a braai pan  and braaied.
  3. If you have separated the two types of veg, the skewers that need to be fully cooked must be braaied until the last vegetables are soft all the way through. For the others, simply braai them until the first item is soft, for a nice mix of  caramelised and crunchy vegetables. If you are using a braai pan, start off the hard vegetables well in advance before adding the easier ones.

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