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3 tips for younger-looking hands

Turn back the clock with these youth-boosting moves and doctor’s-office solutions

1. Fast Fix:

For the fastest results, moisturise. ‘Over time, hands lose some of their fat cushioning and the skin gets less elastic,’ says dermatologist Dr Marsha Gordon. ‘Applying a lotion or cream will immediately plump up skin.’

Look for a formula with emollient ingredients, like shea butter, and humectants like glycerine that help draw moisture to the skin.

A couple that fit the bill: Good Stuff In Good Hands Hand Cream (R20,99) in Rooibos, Lemongrass & Ginger or Source Roots of Nature Hand Cream (R23,99) in Moroccan Rose & Sensuous Amber.



2. Treat it: 

Slather on a retinoid treatment nightly to help increase plumpness over time. Prescription versions such as Renova and Retin-A (the same formulations you’d use on your face, which cost R800 and up) are the gold standard for building collagen to make skin look firmer, fuller and smoother.

Or see your dermatologist for injections.

The best treatment for brown spots on hands is the same as for your chest – creams that help fade the spots, and lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL) to zap hyperpigmentation away.



3. Prevent it: 

Hands are exposed to the sun nearly every day of the year.

To prevent more dark spots and roughness, apply a hand lotion with SPF regularly. Try Sh’Zen Perfecting Cream SPF 30 For Hands (R169) or Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Face & Body Cream SPF 8 (R21,95).


Source: Good Housekeeping magazine



Q: How often do you apply hand cream or lotion?

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