4 of the latest beauty techniques

Out with the old and in with the fresh, new and shiny!
beauty techniques


Some beauty trends are here to stay and others are on their way out. Whatever makeup look you like, we found it interesting exploring the latest beauty techniques.

1. Draping
While this might sound like décor at a wedding, this is a simple term to describe the act of layering two different-coloured blushes to emphasise your cheekbones in a fun yet natural way. This technique is used to give a subtle, sculpted glow instead of dark, heavy contouring. It’s definitely one of the latest beauty techniques we would like to test!


2. Spotlighting
We’ve had highlighting and strobing, and now we’re adding a beautiful glow to the face with a new beauty technique called spotlighting. This involves adding a dewy, glossy glow to certain areas of the face by dabbing something glossy such as a serum or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on your cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. This is more natural than a shimmery, pearly highlighter.


3. Sun stripping
You don’t have to venture out into the harsh sun to get a sun-kissed glow on your face. ‘Sun stripping’ involves generously dusting a bronzer across the apples of your cheeks, your temples and the bridge of your nose – areas on the face where the sun would normally hit.


4. The cut crease
Instead of a blended transition colour in your crease, the cut crease is all about creating a stark line of eye shadow, forming a contrast with the colour you applied all over your lid. This look pays homage to the ’60s, specifically the icon Twiggy. This look takes a bit of time to master, but makes such an impact. Always use a small, pointed brush and a matt, neutral colour for a subtle daytime look. 



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