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6 need-to-know facts about washing your hair

Because knowledge is power (and a good hair day!)
washing your hair

While we may not think much about washing our hair – how hard can it be, right? – there are things that can improve or weaken its condition. Could you be doing it all wrong? Here are six facts that shed some light on this routine task and that could make every day a good hair day. 

1. Washing too much can cause dryness…

Shampoo, effective as it may be, strips hair of its natural oils, so if it’s used too frequently it can dry out your hair. This, in turn, can lead to it becoming damaged and weaker over time. If you need to wash your hair every day, opt for a formula that is nourishing and will add moisture to your hair rather than strip it. 

2. …but washing too seldom can lead to build-up

If you wait too long between washes, this can also be a problem. It can cause product and bacteria to build up on your scalp, which can weigh hair down. This not only makes hair look dull and greasy but can also result in blocked pores and blemishes, as well as hair loss if hair is regularly left unwashed for long periods of time. 

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3. Pay attention to your scalp

When you are washing your hair, don’t worry too much about the ends, but rather focus on the scalp, as this is where most of the build-up is. Another benefit is that the massaging motions of washing your hair improve blood flow and this encourages hair growth, whereas if the follicles remain clogged, hair could potentially fall out. 

4. Invest in sulphate-free products 

Many of the regular shampoo and conditioner brands contain sulphates, which are powerful astringents that can strip moisture, as well as any colours or dyes, from hair. Switching to brands that are free from this harsh chemical is much better for the overall health of your hair and will help hair look better too. 

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5. Rinsing thoroughly is crucial

This might seem obvious, but making sure that you rinse all the product out is important if you want shiny, bouncy hair. If you want to take it up a notch, rinsing your hair with cold water after washing can radically improve its shine. That’s if you can take the cold!

6. Dry shampoo can change your life

Rather than washing your hair too often, consider using dry shampoo, which will save you both time and money spent on products. Dry shampoo is recommended by stylists as a great alternative to washing it. It absorbs the oils that are holding your hair down and instantly refreshes it so that you can hold off on washing for another day. Talk about a time-saver!

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