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7 tricks for using every drop of your beauty products

Broke an eye-shadow palette? On a budget? Either way, there’s no need for your favourite product to go to waste

Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t have time to get to the shops, these genius hacks will ensure that not a drop of your makeup goes to waste.

1. Make foundation last longer by adding lotion

Adding lotion to your foundation instantly transforms it into a tinted moisturiser, which provides light coverage and nourishment for your skin. If your foundation is in a glass bottle, simply pour in a little lotion and shake the bottle to mix it together. If your coverage of choice comes in a tube, cut open the tube and remove leftover product with a cotton bud (you’ll be surprised how much gets left behind) and combine with lotion.

2. Revive old eye shadows with rubbing alcohol

Ever notice how certain eye-shadow palettes seem to become muddied and dull? To revive them, simply spritz with rubbing alcohol. Not only will their original colour be restored but this will also help to disinfect them.

3. Get that last bit of mascara by soaking the tube in hot water

Just make sure it’s not past its prime! Soaking your mascara tube in hot water loosens the product stuck to the sides of the tube.

4. Open a difficult-to-open nail-polish bottle

Hot water is the answer again! Just remember to dip only the handle in water, as heat can change the consistency and colour of nail polish.

5. Use petroleum jelly to save crumbled eye shadow

Dropped an eye shadow but don’t want to chuck it away? Simply mix with petroleum jelly to make your own custom lipstick shade. Store in an empty tester container afterwards.

6. Keep a shelf in your fridge open for your products

They may look odd next to the condiments, but storing fragrances, nail polishes and lipsticks in the fridge can extend their shelf life and maintain colour, smell and texture.

7. And lastly, try a Flip-it!

Tired of pounding bottles of foundation and nail polish to get the last bits out? The Flip-it! Automatic Bottle Drain seems to be the answer. This clever contraption allows you to support your bottles of product upside down so that gravity pulls the product to the opening. For more information click here.


Photo: iStock.com/eyenigelen


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