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8 eye-shadow tips from makeup artists

Perfect peepers, every time!
eye-shadow tips

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so when it comes to applying eye shadow it’s important to do it correctly. Here are some eye-shadow tips from makeup artists to make sure that your eyes are always, um, eye-catching!

1. Tools are more important than you might think. To apply eye shadow flawlessly you need at least two brushes. One is for applying the colours and the other is for blending. 

2. Priming your eyes first will help your makeup to stay put for longer and will also help to fill in fine lines. Clean the area with micellar water and then apply your primer and allow to dry.  

3. If you are using a cream shadow, apply it to the centre of your eyelid using your fingers or a soft brush. Then take another clean brush and soften any edges or lines so that it blends seamlessly. 

4. If you are showing signs of ageing, it’s best to choose eye shadows that have a matt finish. Shimmery eye shadows tend to pick up and enhance the fine lines around the eye area. 

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5. Applying your eye makeup first, even before foundation, is a good idea. This means you can clean up any makeup that falls on to the face and not ruin your look. 

6. If you want the colour of your eye shadow to really pop, use a white pencil on your lids first. Blend it over the area and then apply your eye shadow. 

7. Invest in a matt brown eye shadow. This colour suits most skin tones, is extremely versatile and can even double up as bronzer when contouring your face. 

8. Understand your palette: the lightest colour generally works best as a brow-bone highlighter, the middle shade looks good on your lid and the darkest shade should be applied in your crease. 

PHOTO: iStock/InnerVisionPRO


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