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8 tips for the smoothest shave

Not quite ready to bare your legs yet? Don’t run to the salon for a painful wax! Make your shaving experience more pleasant with these at-home shaving tips

The promise of warmer weather is here and you are probably reaching for your razor. Here’s how you can get the smoothest results

  1. Always exfoliate before shaving. Yes, you’ve probably heard this before, but it’s good advice. Exfoliating gets rids of dead skin cells and buildup. If you use a body scrub before shaving, the surface will be much smoother and your razor will glide like a dream. Exfoliating before shaving also prevents ingrown hairs.
  2. Use hair conditioner in a pinch. No shaving cream? No worries. Leave the soap or shower gel and use conditioner instead.
  3. Rinse your blade after each stroke and make sure it’s thoroughly wet before shaving. This will ensure that your blade glides smoothly over the skin.
  4. Keep your blade as sharp as possible. As soon as you find the blade tugging, it’s time to replace your blade or disposable razor.
  5. Avoid annoying nicks and cuts by stretching your skin tight. Bend your knees when you shave over that area.
  6. Store your razor properly to keep it sharper for longer. Always rinse the blade properly to get rid of any soapy residue or hair. Dry thoroughly and place the cap on the blade. Don’t store your razor in the shower – the damp environment and steam will cause the blade to rust quicker.
  7. Prevent razor burn by not using any moisturisers or scented products that contain alcohol after shaving. Moisturise and give your skin TLC with a gentle moisturiser.
  8. Don’t start shaving as soon as you step into the shower, no matter how rushed you are. Give it two to three minutes to get wet properly. This ensures that the hairs are properly hydrated, softened and easier to remove.
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