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All you need to know sun-safe summer tips

Whether you are enjoying the warm rays without getting sunburnt, or getting bronzed on the beach, summertime means we need more protection. Moisturisers with an SPF, anti-humidity hair products and non-sticky sun cream are all essentials to invest in this hot season.


1. Cooling your feet is a quick way of lowering your body temperature, because the large blood vessels in your legs send the cooler blood to the core. Look for foot products with mint ingredients – menthol triggers your skin’s cold-sensitive receptors.

2. Try this kitchen fix: steep tea bags in boiling water, then place them in the fridge overnight. Apply the cold bags on the insides of your wrists, on your temples or on eyes. The caffeine and antioxidants in tea help reduce inflammation

3. At the beach, keep sunscreen in your cooler bag. When it comes time to reapply, you’ll get all the necessary sun protection plus a chilly treat for warm skin.

4. Swap thick body creams for light-weight moisturising gels. Gels are easily absorbed and won’t leave a greasy residue.

5. Using self tan on your face? Rub a little moisturizer around your hairline and brows to stop the hair picking up the self tan colour and turning ginger.

6. Prepping your skin properly will ensure the even application of self-tan. Use a cream- not oil-based scrub before you apply self-tan. Oily products form a barrier on skin, preventing the self-tan from absorbing evenly.

7. Lessen the visibility of cellulite by applying a self tan to affected areas.

8. Spending the day pool-side? Avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks and opt instead for water and iced herbal teas. Remember dehydration dries out skin and increases your risk of wrinkles.

9. Swimwear straps and bikini top knots provide the perfect home for dirt and bacteria to breed.  These points then rub against the skin and can cause breakouts. Ensure you are vigilant about rinsing your swimwear daily, using a gentle hand wash detergent.

10. Keep your makeup looking good even when you’re hot and sweaty by dabbing your skin with blotting paper, or wrap a tissue around a powder puff and blot with that instead. Reapplying powder to your face will make it look cakey.

11. No self-tanner? Mix a dollop of foundation (a shade or two darker than your skin), with your body moisturiser and rub into your legs and arms for a natural glow that is easy to wash off later in the shower.

12. Keep a faux tan even by moisturising daily (12 hours after your self tanner application) and avoid lotions with colour stripping mineral oil.

13. On non-beach days, don’t just apply sunscreen to your face. Include your décolletage, neck and back of hands and the fragile areas like lips, ears and eyes.

14. Another way to up your vitamin D intake is to eat eggs, fortified soya products, oily fish and fortified margarine.

15. Heat and humidity can often make skin oily, and the more oil your skin produces, the more the pores will stretch. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions helps minimise pores.

16. Hair needs heat protection too. Safeguard lock when you’re out in the sun with an intense hair mask.

17. Replenish hair’s lost moisture by looking for nourishing hair products that are rich in naturally derived plant oils.

18. For the perfect summer scent, look for fragrances with uplifting floral notes like peony and freesia, or refreshing citrus notes like lemon, grapefruit, mandarin or yuzu

19. After you have been in the sea or swimming pool, rinse hair under a shower to get rid of salt water and chlorine and comb through a hair mask or conditioner.

20. Getting your hair coloured? Ask for lighter shades around your face to brighten your skin.

21. Maximise the protection from your sunscreen with this trio of trustworthy tips. First, always apply sunscreen to dry skin; second, apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you head into the sun; and finally, reapply every two hours.

21. Protect your eyes: only buy sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB protection

22. The right diet can help protect your eyes from sun damage. Choose foods rich in luctein, like eggs, spinach and sweetcorn.

23. Order a pizza and fries! Processed tomatoes in tomato paste, tomato sauce and marinara sauce are rich in lycopene, a hardworking antioxidant that helps fight the inflammation caused by UV rays.

23. You’ll want to look for these ingredients in your sunscreen to ensure maximum protection: zinc oxide (ideally more than 5%); or a combination of avobenzone (more than 2% is best) and octocrylene (ideally, more than 3,6%); or for a product with ecamsule.

24. Be diligent about sun protection after any type of hair removal, but particularly waxing as it removes the top layer of the skin making it more likely to burn

25. When it comes to hair removal in areas that are prone to discolouration – a condition made worse by sun exposure – such as the upper lip, consider skipping waxing all together and opt instead for a depilatory cream or threading.

26. A new study has found that women who used sunscreen daily showed an astonishing 24% less skin ageing than those who used sunscreen less consistency.

27. Remember if you are sitting alongside the water, the sun’s rays are reflected and intensified. Keep your sun hat on, and reapply sunscreen at least every two hours.

28. If you plan on swimming, choose a water-resistant sunscreen. This will keep you protected when you’re in the water, but you’ll need to reapply as soon as you have toweled off.

29. Once a sunscreen is opened, it is good for two to three years, if you keep it stored in a cool, dark place in between seasons.

30. Not sure how much sunscreen to use? If it’s a cream you’ll need to slather a shot glass’s worth on your body and a teaspoon on your face every two hours. Spray? Mist in zigzaggy motions till you gleam – then rub in (even if it says you don’t need to!)

31. If you have sensitive skin, look for the words hypoallergenic and fragrance- and PABA-free are on the label of your sunscreen.







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