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Biggest nail trends for summer

Make your nails the centre of attention this summer
biggest nail trends

It’s time to once again fill your wardrobe with florals and bright colours for the longer days and warmer nights ahead. But what about your nails? These are the top trends for your fingers and toes this summer:

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1. Modern metallics

Bold, bright metallic nails are a great summer look. Keep it simple and paint the whole nail metallic, or try your hand at a number of shiny designs. Another idea is to update the classic French manicure and paint the tips of your nails a metallic colour while the rest sports a neutral palette.

If it takes too much time and you just can’t get it done, then opt for a simple metallic strip over a nude polish. Minimal and stylish is always a winning combo.

2. Black accents


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As a favourite nail accessory, black is making a strong comeback. Choose to paint a vertical stripe on your nails in a matt-black polish for the ultimate bold statement, or curve it around the cuticle or even just paint the tips. Either way it’s a simple and bold look that can be elevated with a pop of colour. 

Enjoy a fresh take on the classic pink nail and add a twist with a pop of black. Curve the black polish around the cuticles, heading upwards, and top off the tip of the nail with pink polish for a fun look. You can also choose to combine black polish with a vibrant primary colour for a fresh and summery look.

3. Colourblocking

What better way to celebrate summer than with a multitude of bright colours all on one nail? Have fun with your selection by painting on dots, stripes and other fun patterns for a party look. Alternatively, paint your nails with an earth-based shade and outline them with a vibrant red. 

If you are a lover of shapes, select three different colours to create geometric shapes for some fun in the sun. Or draw inspiration from the ’70s with stripes all over the nail or just accents on the corners. 

4. Graphic French


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Completely reimagine this nail classic and give it a modern boost with some bright colours. Instead of using white polish on the tips, be creative and make the tips multicoloured. Take it a step further and paint a small geometric shape at the base of the nail in a shiny hue to finish it off. 

You can also choose two complementary colours, alternate them and paint the tip at an angle. It’s important to remember to coat the base of your nail with a nude polish and to keep your nail length short and rounded for a classic look.

5. Ladylike neutrals


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For anyone with almond- or oval-shaped nails, the neutral trend is great because it gives a lengthening effect. The fingers look soft and feminine, while the nails add a glamorous touch. Natural hues are classic on their own, but you can also take them a notch with a design of pale stripes and white swipes.

Paint your nails a pretty baby pink and dress them up with grown-up stripes in a neutral rose shade. Or keep it simple and paint them one neutral shade. Mix a white and neutral shade and paint white stripes at different angles for a flattering effect. 

6. Embellished cuticles

Show your cuticles some love with a little polish and trendy designs. Described as ‘nail jewellery’, the outer edges have become more and more popular. Go for bright colours to make a lasting impact or a glittery polish for a glamorous look. 

Try a simple grey outline or mismatched hues, and always remember that a neutral base is key. By placing all the colour at your cuticles, you’re drawing attention down your nail, so keep them moisturised. 

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