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Shop these non-chocolate Easter treats: sweet accessories

This Easter, hunt for these sweet treats instead of chocolate eggs!
non-chocolate Easter treats

What is the best thing about the holidays, you ask? Chocolate! Oh yes. Over Christmas there is an abundance of chocolate, on Valentine’s Day – although it’s not a holiday it’s just as important – chocolate and love go hand in hand, and lastly Easter is the ultimate chocolate holiday. Sadly, there is more to chocolate than just deliciousness, there are kilojoules too! However, don’t fear when the Good Housekeeping fashion team is near!  


What is the next best thing to chocolate, you ask? Why, fashion, of course! Instead of treating yourself to chocolate this Easter, why not indulge in a guilt-free treat? And by guilt-free we mean kilojoule-free.

This Easter, go and buy yourself a pair of decadent earrings or a tasty necklace. Okay, so maybe they’re not completely guilt-free, but with these sweet bargains you will definitely want to indulge. And so you should. Treat yourself – we all should, once in a while.

Check out these 8 sweet bargain accessories:

1. Necklace R159, Miladys 

A statement necklace is a wardrobe essential and the candy-red colour makes this one difficult to resist.

2. Earrings R19,99, MRP

These tasty-looking treats are in fact earrings! And what a sweet price!

3. Shopper bag R350, Woolworths

Red is the colour of strength and power, and you’ll definitely be making a statement with this fiery red handbag.

4. Scarf R99, Queenspark at Zando

The best thing about light scarves is that they can be worn all year round. We love a versatile fashion item!

5. Hat R199, Queenspark at Zando 

This hat is perfect for an afternoon picnic or family breakfast on the Easter weekend. The flower trim adds a classic touch.

6. Sunglasses R140, Woolworths 

These ombré sunglasses are the essential Easter sweet treat. With their light tint and flattering shape they’re perfect for any day out in the sun.   

This Easter go and spoil yourself with one or more of these affordable sweet treats!

PHOTO: iStock/karandaev


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