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The new beauty craze: LED light therapy

The new beauty craze, LED light therapy.


You’ve probably seen the famous snap of Kourtney Kardashian wearing that creepy mask. But why? Here’s all you need to know about this new treatment, which uses LED lights in different colours to boost skin.

Kourtney K

Instagram lit up when Kourtney Kardashian posted a pic of herself in a glowing mask, and soon everyone was talking about LED light therapy. But what exactly is it?


LED light therapy in a nutshell:

Nasa discovered this treatment almost 40 years ago. They originally used it to stimulate plant growth and later found that the treatment also helped restore cells and encouraged the healing of injuries. They used this treatment on astronauts and found the outcome to be very successful. Today, LED light therapy is widely used to help treat skin conditions and repair damaged cells.
LED light therapy uses nonthermal light that infiltrates deep into the skin. The process uses different wavelengths that target various areas of the skin, enhancing elastin and collagen synthesis to activate the skin’s tissue-repair enzymes. The mask is perfectly contoured to the face, which allows all the LED lights to work actively on all areas of the face. As with any treatment, you will need to go a few times before you see dramatic results.


Here are some of the apparent benefits of using colour light therapy:

Orange light therapy – Vitalising

Brings back that sheen to skin, leaving you with a healthy glow.

Yellow light therapy – Toning

Brings back tightness to skin, aiding in the anti-ageing process.

Red light therapy – Rejuvenating

This is great for all skin types. Red light therapy improves blood flow and increases the production of collagen.

Green light therapy – Calming

Reduces pigmentation and balances skin. Green light therapy has a calming effect and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Blue light therapy – Purifying

Blue light therapy has powerful antibacterial properties, and cleanses and purifies skin.
Prices range from about R350 to about R4 000 (if you buy a package deal). There are some salons in South Africa that specialise in this treatment. Contact your nearest salon to enquire about LED light therapy.


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