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Dry brushing: What it is and why you should be doing it

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dry brushing

We are all aware of the benefits of using a body scrub and for many this is part of our weekly, if not daily, skincare routine. Dry brushing is the updated version of using a body scrub and it has plenty of lasting benefits, so it has earned a well-deserved spot in our beauty regimen.

To dry brush, you need a clean shower brush, made with natural bristles rather than synthetic ones, which you stroke in upward motions, starting with your feet and working your way up. A brush with a long handle is best, as it allows you to get to those hard-to-reach places.

Listen to your body and apply the amount of pressure that feels comfortable. Make sure that you are well hydrated and drink plenty of water afterwards to help with the detoxification process. After brushing your entire body, hop in the shower to rinse off.

So why should you be dry brushing?

It exfoliates your skin

One third of the toxins in our bodies are excreted through the skin, so dry brushing not only gets rid of them but also removes any buildup of dead skin cells, eliminates clogged pores and ingrown hairs, and allows your lotion to penetrate deeper into your skin. After a few sessions you’ll notice that your skin appears softer, smoother and more supple.

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It wakes up your lymphatic system

Dry brushing helps to accelerate the transport of oxygen to the rest of the body, which helps the lymph nodes to detoxify your blood. This natural way of increasing the lymph flow has been shown to reduce the formation of varicose veins, cellulite and any skin discolouration, keeping your legs healthy and looking good.

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It increases your energy levels

Looking for a way to feel more invigorated in the morning that doesn’t involve caffeine? Dry brushing might be the answer. It stimulates circulation and blood flow, which is not only good for your skin but also for your mind and body. It might be just the energy boost you need to conquer the day ahead.



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