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Six steps for making sure your bra is the right fit

Are you wearing the right bra? Finding the right bra is not only important for a great look and feel but also for maintaining good breast health
  1. Your bra band should not be stretchy and loose on your body, but fit snugly. (It should not stretch more than 5cm away from your body.)
  2. The cups should contain the entire breasts and any ‘underarm’ tissue. Use your hand to position your breasts in the cups or use the bend-and-shuffle method to make sure you are contained in the cup.
  3. The hook should be fastened to the outermost eye and fit comfortably. As the bra stretches after many washes, you can adjust the hook to a tighter position.
  4. The band should sit evenly around the body. If it’s riding too high at the back, try a smaller band size: for example, go from a size 36 to a size 34.
  5. Correctly positioned breasts should sit halfway between your shoulder and elbow.
  6. Your bra should appear to be invisible once you are dressed. If you do not look supported and uplifted, start again.


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