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Five slimming fashion staples

Clothing items designed to camouflage and conceal your problem areas can make you look slimmer in seconds – no dieting or exercise required

Have you gained a few of kilos during the cold season? There’s no need to hide your body in shapeless outfits.  The right clothes can help you look a lot thinner by accentuating your best assets and camouflaging any trouble spots.


Make sure you have these five items in your wardrobe: 


1. The Detailed Blouse

Draw attention away from your bottom half with a detailed blouse. Pleats, ruffles or an interesting collar can frame your face and camouflage your tummy. Choose a fitted shirt or tuck your shirt into a high-waisted skirt to achieve an hour-glass silhouette.


2. The Classic Blazer

A great alternative to a cardigan or regular jacket is a blazer. Sharp tailoring is key – a loose blazer does nothing for your figure, so make sure it is fitted to flatter your bust and waist. Keep it modern by avoiding or removing shoulder pads.


3. The Wrap Dress

This is a wardrobe essential for women of all shapes. Usually made of light and flowing material, this dress will soften any curves. The tie cinches it in at the waist and the loose skirt flows away from your hips and tummy. To get the most out of this already flattering dress, choose one with sleeves to conceal your upper-arms.


4. A Pair of Good-Fitting Pants

Choose pants in a heavier fabric as the way they fall and drape is more flattering. A skinny fit can make your hips look bigger, so go for a straight-cut leg or pants with a slight flare. Though higher rises keep your midriff covered they can also make your bottom appear much bigger.  Super low-rise pants create unsightly ‘muffin-tops’, so it is best to opt for pants that sit somewhere in between.


5. The A-Line Skirt

An A-Line skirt is the most flattering skirt for all figures – it covers your thighs and creates a beautiful silhouette. The flare also helps to balance out a larger chest. The best length for skirts is just above the knee. At this length it hides the biggest part of your legs (the thighs) and shows off the slimmest part (your calves).


Quick fixes:

  • A waist-belt to go over dresses, skirts or jerseys will accentuate the thinnest part of your torso.
  • Vertical stripes are always flattering and create the illusion of a longer and thinner figure.
  • A great pair of heels instantly elongates your legs.
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