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Get it Now: Customising Laces

The trendy US brand U-Laces launched their funky shoelaces in South Africa earlier this year. It’s the ultimate teen accessory – so you’re sure to score some ‘cool-parent’ points!



U-Lace is a modular shoelace specially designed to customise tackies.


Each U-Lace is designed to span just one pair of eyelets on your tackies. This means that every pair of eyelets is an opportunity either to choose the same colour or a different colour, so you can use as many colours as you have eyelets!


But there’s more…

Because U-Laces are modular, it’s up to you to decide which two eyelets you want to connect. This means that you can also create awesome patterns – the options are truly limitless.


And there’s even more …

Because U-Laces are stretchy, tackies laced with U-Laces are instantly transformed into slip-ons, which don’t require any tying. How convenient!


So U-Laces not only allow you to create multicoloured designs but they also make updating and personalising your tackies super-easy – and fun!


Price and pack details:


  • R49,90* per pack of 6 modular laces (*RRSP)
  • Each pack includes a lacing-pattern guide and a sticker.
  • It takes two packs to lace up a pair of tackies.
  • There are 20 colours available in South Africa.


Stockist and contact information:


You can buy U-Laces from the U-Lace Facebook store. Just click on the store icon.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ulace.co.za

Online shop: http://ulacesouthafrica.aradium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ULaceSA

Email: info@u-lace.co.za


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