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How to get and wear the 70s look

You don’t have to break the bank to try out this oh-so-lovely ‘new’ trend

Like history, fashion constantly repeats itself. Old trends are often revived, which has lead to a rise in second-hand shopping. If the idea of trawling through a stranger’s old clothes turns you off, how about looking somewhere a little closer to home?

Lately we’ve seen the 70s making a big comeback, especially for winter. Chances are that either you or someone you know still has some favourite items from the 70s. So whether you decide to buy some lovely 70’s inspired outfits or whether you’re going to revive some older pieces, these are the key items you’ll need to create that 70s look we love so much:


The Maxi Dress

Look for bold 70s prints and floor-sweeping length

The maxi dress has been very popular in the summer months for women of all ages who like a bit of swish in their step. Make the transition to winter by pairing it with tights, boots and a fitted winter jacket.

R799 Leigh Schubert at Zando


The Flared Jeans

Look for a flare in proportion to your body

If you’re not a fan of or bored with the skinny fit, opt for a pair of flared pants. Some of the flares from the 70s – think bell-bottoms – were a little too wide for our liking, so opt for a hemline about the width of your foot for a more classic look.

R360 at Foschini

The Ascot Blouse

Look for shirts with fun, floral prints and detailing on the neck

These blouses originally came about in the 40s but they made a big comeback in the 70s. They were given a fresh look in the 70s, sporting bold, floral prints. Look out for soft, feminine touches like a pussy bow or frills around the neck.

R120 at Fashion Express

The Floppy Hat

Look for darker hues and some vintage accessories to pin on it

Most assume this to be a strictly summer look, but hats are a great winter accessory and the floppy hat is no different! Opt for a darker coloured hat in winter, or if you’ve got a light one simply tie a piece of black ribbon around it.

R250 at Poetry


Be sure to mix these pieces up with items from your current winter wardrobe to keep the look modern.

Text: Andie Reeves (Fashion Intern)

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