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How to wear summer whites

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for clothes in this season’s hottest colour

Model and mother of two Teresa de Klerk in all white.


Too scared to wear white? Get it right by keeping these golden rules in mind:


Rule #1

Never wear white underwear underneath a white blouse or pants. Rather go for nude-coloured underwear.


Rule #2

When buying white pants, always buy them in a size bigger. You want to avoid looking like your pants were sewn onto your body. White linen pants are always a good buy.


Rule #3

When wearing a white blazer or jersey, pull or fold the sleeves up to avoid staining it with food, etc.


Rule #4

Wear white on the part of your body that you want to accentuate; like wearing a white blouse to make your shoulders look broader or your bust appear bigger.


Rule #5

If you want to wear white on white – which you absolutely can! – keep your look crisp and clean by sticking to one detailed item only. For instance, if your top is embellished or has lace detail, keep your skirt/shorts plain.


Words: Marisa Crous

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