What to pack for your summer holiday

From soaking up the sun on the beach to keeping it cool while camping, here’s what to pack for your summer holiday
summer safari

We know travelling can be stressful, from making sure tickets are booked and insurance is covered to ensuring everyone has their passports and has had any necessary vaccinations. So the last thing you need to be worrying about is what you’re going to wear on your summer holiday.



Here’s our list of holiday essentials:

1. The Beach:

It seems like the most obvious thing to pack, but you’d be surprised how often people forget their … swimsuit! And sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen: we can’t stress this enough. No tan is worth the risk of burning your skin. Plus don’t forget your lip balm and sunnies to avoid damage from harsh UV rays. Grab a beach basket and your slops and you’re all set to soak up the sun.



2. The Campsite:

Comfort is key here, as sleeping on a blow-up mattress in a tent and boiling your water on a campfire is uncomfortable enough as it is! Sweatpants and sneakers are two things you don’t want to leave at home. Even though it might be scorching hot during the day (NB: bring a cap), nights out in the wilderness can be surprisingly cold, so don’t forget a warm jacket for when the sun goes down.



3. The Safari:

Camo, neutral and tan colours are all typical of safari fashion. Glam things up with tortoiseshell sunnies and cute sandals. You’ll be out under the African sun most of the day and chances are your safari vehicle won’t have a roof, so a hat is essential.


4. The Cruise:

Pretty much all you need is a floor-length cover-up over your swimsuit, a big hat and oversized sunnies for maximum glam and protection. Keep this look up to date with a pair of pretty espadrilles.


Now that you’re packed and ready to go, all that’s left to do is relax!

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