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Quick and Easy Steps to Protect your Leather Shoes

Make your leather shoes and boots last longer with these smart tips

Step One

Choose which polish you would like to use for your shoes:


  • Wax or cream – these seal the leather well;
  • Liquid – this is good for a quick shine.


Step Two

Before applying the polish, ensure the shoes are dry and remove any dirt to prevent it from being trapped under the polish.

If using wax, use a cloth (an old cotton shirt would work as well) to apply the polish evenly on the shoes. Let the wax dry on the shoe.

If your shoes have grooves or hard to reach areas, use a cotton bud to apply the polish


Step Three

Take a soft-bristled shoe brush and gently buff the shoes. Take a clean cloth and wipe your shoes after buffing. Be sure to wipe the edges of the shoe to remove any leftover polish.

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