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Fluff and Fold


Here’s how to bring clothes from storage back into rotation quickly – and keep them there longer:


Toss anything that’s creased or wrinkled into the tumble dryer with a damp towel (wet it in the sink and wring it out) for about 15 minutes on a low to medium heat. This relaxes the fabric and releases odours.

Prevent wrinkles by hanging all woven fabrics (not knits), including delicate materials such as silk, non-wrinkle-resistant cotton and linen. If you prefer hanging pants, try using a children’s hanger to keep them from sliding to one side and getting bunched up.

Fold knit tops and dressed that have thin straps; (no) thanks to gravity, hanging them can cause them to stretch out. Delicate items that could get snagged should also be folded.


Do Damage Control


Try these do-it-yourself solutions for…

Pilling If you’re in a pinch, use an emery board or a dry scourer; lightly rub over the pills to remove them. Or invest in the Bobble Off Lint Remover (R99,95, www.glomail.co.za) to get rid of them.

Jersey pulls Turn the jersey inside out and, using a blunt needle or a crochet hook, carefully pull the snag through to the reverse side of the fabric. Then, with a needle or your fingers, gently tug on or smooth both sides of the yarn loop until the thread is evenly distributed.

Fallen hems Skip sewing and use heat-sensitive hem fusible web tape. (Try Clover Fusible Web Tape, R67, www.thefatquarter.co. za.) Cut a piece the length and width of the fallen hem. Sandwich it between the fabric layers and iron, following the instructions on the package.

Stretched-out sleeves Fix jersey sleeves by weaving elastic thread through the knit on the inside of the cuff with a sewing needle.

Small holes Neatly weave the same colour of thread back and forth between the two sides of the hole, connecting them. Then tap with your fingertip on the newly sewn piece to smooth out any bumps

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