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Thanks to H&M your clothes can have a second life

Fashion for a good cause? We’re in!
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While doing your seasonal clear-out, think twice before throwing away any mothball-smelling items – H&M has a plan to give them a second life.

A worldwide garment-collecting initiative was started in 2013. It allows you to drop off your unwanted clothes – regardless of brand or condition – at any H&M store to be recycled into new garments. As a reward you will receive a discount voucher for your next purchase.


The shocking fact is that up to 95% of clothes thrown away could have been reworn or recycled.

Knowing this was bound to spark some change among fashion-lovers. No-one enjoys seeing clothes go to waste, which is why H&M wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to give their garments a new lease of life.

Many of us already know about H&M’s Conscious Collection. These are gorgeous garments made from recycled plastics and organic cotton that are available to customers throughout the year.

However, H&M also has a Conscious Exclusive collection, which is a limited collection that is also made from recycled materials but that’s only released once a year and with a more high-fashion aesthetic.

This year’s Conscious Exclusive collection will be launched on 20 April. In addition to a full collection for women and relaxed formalwear for men, the collection will for the first time include children’s pieces, as well as a Conscious Exclusive fragrance made from organic oils. The collection will be available in about 160 stores worldwide, and will be available in South Africa at the V&A Waterfront store.



The new H&M Conscious Exclusive collection pushes the boundaries when it comes to both sustainability and style. The 2017 collection includes the innovative sustainable material BIONIC® – a recycled polyester made from plastic shoreline waste. 


Watch this video called The Journey of a Dress:

‘For the design team at H&M, this year’s Conscious Exclusive is a chance to dream and create pieces that are both quirky and beautiful. It’s great to be able to show just what is possible with sustainable materials like we have done with the delicate plissé dress made of BIONIC,’ says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Head of Design and Creative Director.

A sneak peek at H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection 2017:





Conscious Exclusive is a promising start to H&M’s shift towards a more sustainable fashion future. Across all of H&M’s product ranges, 20% are now made from more sustainable materials, with the goal being to increase the share each year.

Fun facts

  • H&M is one of the world’s biggest users of recycled polyester and one of the biggest buyers of organic cotton.
  • The aim for cotton is for it to be 100% sustainably sourced by 2020. It is part of H&M’s objective to make sustainable, good-quality fashion accessible to as many people as possible.

Fashion for a good cause? We’re in!

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