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Get your pout on with plumper lips – no needle required!

Pucker up!
plumper lips

While we are all well aware of the changes that happen to our faces and bodies as we age, one of the less-talked-about side effects of getting older is that our once-full lips start to become thinner. While it might seem as though your only hope of having a gorgeous smile is to book an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon to get plumper lips, there are products available in stores to help perfect your pout. 

The benefit of using plumping glosses rather than getting fillers is that there is little to no risk involved, as is often the case with cosmetic-surgery procedures. What’s more, over the years these formulas have come a long way. The main ingredient in them is hyaluronic acid, which, when it absorbs the surrounding moisture, makes the lips slightly puffier.

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Plumping glosses are really easy to use, plus they often contain ingredients that not only make your pout pop but also nourish and condition lips. 

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