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Great tips to keep your delicate wool items looking as good as new

A quality woollen jersey is an ultra-luxurious and comfortable statement item
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‘My red, navy and white striped jersey is a winter favourite that’s been in my closet for years. It just shows that if you cherish your knits and wash them on either the hand-wash or wool setting, they really can last a lifetime! I pair it with everything from jeans and block heels to pleated skirts and booties. I love its nautical-inspired style and I believe it’s a classic that will always be eye-catching and never date. When I was a little girl, I had something very similar, which I lived in, and so this brings back very happy childhood memories.’ – GH fashion director Bev Nates



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A jersey in a neutral colour with a luxurious feel can easily be paired with smart pants for the office or dressed down with jeans for the weekend. Certain types of wool, such as cashmere and merino, are ideal for our winter temperatures, offering warmth, comfort and style.

Tip: Buy a size larger than usual for that ‘boyfriend jersey’ look.


Storing your delicate woollen fabrics correctly can help to keep them looking new for longer. Make sure the shelves where you store your jerseys are kept clean and dust-free. Store items away from direct sunlight, as sunlight rots fabric. Store your woollen jerseys by folding them over a hanger so you don’t stretch them.

Skip’s tips to keep your delicate wool items looking new for longer 

1. Woollens are natural, soft fibres that can quickly felt with careless or rigorous washing.

2. When washing, always check the label. If the garment is marked as machine-washable, always use the gentlest cycle and the special woollen programmes. (Wash at 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.)

3. Use Skip Auto Washing Powder with Fibre Care Technology. It’s designed to penetrate deeply to thoroughly clean and care for every fibre.

4. Once clean, woollen items should be left to dry inside out and kept flat, to prevent stretching. Place on a flat surface and gently pull into shape. Dry out of direct sunlight and heat.

skip product

Skip, with Fibre Care Technology, is designed to penetrate deeply to thoroughly clean and care for every fibre to keep clothes looking like new for longer. #NewerForLonger

For more information about Skip products visit www.skip.co.za.

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