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Hate your new hairdo? Here’s what to do

How to recover from a bad new hairdo and get the results you want

Most of us have been there at one time or another. Your hairstylist enthusiastically reveals your new hairdo and you absolutely hate it. Or you can see things going wrong as they snip away but, because you wouldn’t dream of questioning or offending the professionals, you allow them to carry on, hoping it turns out beautifully, only for your hair to come out looking a mess. If you ever find yourself in this dreadful and awkward situation again, here’s how you can handle it effectively. (But it does require not losing your cool!)

1. Remain calm

As we said, handling this delicate situation should be done calmly and with tact, which is understandably hard when your crowning glory no longer resembles its former self. Try to remind yourself that it isn’t forever – hair grows and colours can be changed and who knows, your new look might even eventually, er, grow on you.

2. Be polite

Throwing a tantrum, shouting and being rude to your hairdresser means that they will be less inclined to want to help rectify the problem. Having said that, it’s important that you let them know that you are not satisfied by giving clear reasons and useful feedback.

3. Offer suggestions

Rather than making the situation seem like a hopeless one, try to engage in dialogue that helps to move both you and your hairdresser in the direction of an effective solution. If your stylist feels as though there is something they can do to make you happier with your new hairdo that is within reason, they will most likely oblige.

4. Learn and grow

Life is all about learning and, in future, talk to your stylist about exactly what it is you want, and bring reference pictures if necessary, to make sure that you are on the same page before the scissors or dye comes out. It also helps to know you hair type and to be realistic about what can and can’t be achieved and to not go in for an extreme makeover on impulse. Be honest, prepared and tactful, and you should emerge from the salon looking fab and wearing a smile.



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