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How to make your swimsuit last longer

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be quite a mission – so when you do find ‘the one’, make sure you take proper care of it


Here’s how to extend the life of your swimsuit:

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO RINSE YOUR SWIMSUIT STRAIGHT AFTER SWIMMING. It makes a huge difference during a summer of daily swims! Submerge it in cold water to remove any chlorine or salt. This reduces damage to the fabric.

 THE CORRECT SOAP. Baby shampoo is your best bet. Harsh detergents or soaps strip away 
a swimsuit’s shine and leave the soft fabric coarse, making it more susceptible to wear and tear.

3. FINALLY, DON’T HANG A SWIMSUIT IN THE SUN, as it’ll bleach the colour. Leave it to dry in the shade or hang it in your bathroom. If it’s still wet while you’re travelling home from the beach or pool, place it flat on a towel and roll that up. Avoid twisting your costume, as this weakens its elasticity. 


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