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How to preserve your hairline

Make sure your hairline stays put

Life can take its toll on our bodies, and our hair is not exempt. A receding hairline can affect people with any hair texture and it can become a point of major insecurity. Here are some ways to help you preserve your hairline and keep your strands healthy.

1. Keep chemical treatments to a minimum

Whether it’s using relaxer or going for regular dye jobs, chemicals are not good for your hair, even in the controlled environment of a hair salon. Keep visits, and especially DIY home jobs, to a minimum to make sure that your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle, which is a major cause of breakage.

2. Change up your style

Do you often wear your hair scraped back in a bun or ponytail? This is one of the leading causes of a receding hairline, so try to tie hair back loosely and keep it loose as often as possible. If you need to keep your hair back, use a soft headband or scarf instead to minimise tension on your hair and scalp.

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3. Take your vitamins

Another leading cause of hair loss is a vitamin deficiency. There are plenty of supplements on the market that are geared at making sure that your locks remain healthy. Zinc, B vitamins, fish oil and biotin are known to be beneficial to hair, making it stronger and more able to withstand daily wear and tear.

4. Check your face wash

Something most of us don’t consider when buying face wash is the effect it might have not only on our skin but also on the hairs framing our face. These hairs can be negatively affected by any harsh soaps and face washes they come into contact with and can become damaged or even fall out.

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5. Unblock your pores

While the word pores might make you think of your face, we have them on our heads too, and when they become blocked with hair-product buildup, sebum and pollutants, they can get clogged and cause hair to fall out and prevent new hair from growing. Using soothing haircare products that contain aloe vera can help prevent buildup.

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