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How to straighten your hair without using heat

It IS possible!
straight hair

We’ve been led to believe that the only way to get smooth, sleek hair is to use all sorts of tools. But did you know that you can get straighter hair without the heat? Here’s how to hack your way to tame tresses when your trusty straightener isn’t at hand.

1. Use the right products

The first step to making sure your hair is shiny and sleek is by using the right products when you wash it. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that are creamy and nourishing so that your hair is moisturised and healthy. 

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2. Use a serum or smoothing cream

Once you have washed your hair, get rid of as much water as possible by squeezing it out. Then apply a smoothing cream or serum from the middle of your strands down to the ends. A leave-in conditioner will also work. 

3. Get out the hairdryer

Rather than using your hairdryer the conventional way with the heat on full blast, use the cold setting to dry your hair instead. Make sure that the nozzle is facing downwards and gently tug your hair straight so that it has a smoother finish when dry. 

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4. Use jumbo-sized rollers

If you still have rollers lying in the back of your cupboard gathering dust, now is the perfect time to take them out. After your hair has been towel-dried, take even sections of hair, roll them around the rollers and secure them. Remove once your hair has completely dried. 

5. Set it with a spray 

To make sure that your hair stays looking fabulous throughout the day, it’s important to finish off with some anti-frizz serum or spray. This will make it less likely to start becoming puffy as you go about your day. Easy!

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