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Must-have Monday: POND’S new Gold Radiance™

It’s the ultimate luxury in anti-ageing skincare and specifically designed for African women. What’s not to love?

Introducing the ultimate luxury in anti-ageing


The new POND’S Gold Radiance™ range includes face-care products designed specifically for African women. All five of the new POND’S Gold Radiance™ products are infused with real gold micro-particles to truly re-energise the skin, recapturing the radiance of youth.


“It’s about crafting something unique. Something truly African,” says Sphe Mjadu, PR Manager at Unilever South Africa. “The secret lies in the craftsmanship. Each variant has unique, complimentary qualities. Together, they deliver a new level of face care that showcases African skin at its most beautiful.”


For more information and prices on each product in the range, click HERE.



Pond’s joined forces with the renowned South African designer David Tlale for the recent launch of their most radiant range yet


To celebrate the launch of the exciting new POND’S Gold Radiance™ range, POND’S has commissioned distinguished SA designer David Tlale to create five couture pieces, complemented with beautifully crafted gold jewellery.


Designer David Tlale and the five models.

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