5 outfit mistakes that make you look older

Here’s how to look young and chic at any age
outfit mistakes

We are often told that some makeup and hair mistakes can make us look older, but what we wear can also have a big influence. Before you run off to the shops to invest in the latest trendy outfits, you might want to read this. 

1. You wear cheap fabrics

We don’t mean you have to buy the most expensive clothes you see. Even pricy items can be made from low-quality fabric. Learn how to check the quality of fabric and rather buy fewer clothes, focusing on quality over quantity.

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2. You dress for someone else

Stop aspiring to dress like the celebrities. They spend their hard-earned cash on stylists who dress them for their specific body type, skin tone and hair colour. Learn what clothing suits you best and embrace it. 

3. You only wear black

While black clothing is slimming, it can make skin look paler and create a harsh contrast, emphasising wrinkles. Incorporate colour, even by just adding a bright scarf or accessory to your black outfit. A pop of colour close to your face can liven up your complexion. 

4. You hide your figure under baggy clothes

If you feel self-conscious about your body, your first inclination may be to hide it under baggy clothing. Unfortunately, this is one of the most prominent outfit mistakes that will make you look older – and heavier. Opt for tailored pieces that gently skim your body. 

5. You dress like a teenager

You might feel that you will look younger by wearing ‘younger’ clothing. Don’t squeeze into clothes meant for a teenager.

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