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Take good care of your hands

Are your hands giving away your age? Here’s how to keep these hard-working body parts healthy and pretty

‘Pure lemon juice is one of the finest things for the hands,’ Good Housekeeping reported in 1897, foreshadowing today’s fruit-acid craze.


Here are two more smooth moves:

  1. To avoid chapping, always dry your hands thoroughly.
  2. Keep rubber gloves in the kitchen and bathroom to protect your hands whenever you’re cleaning.


We recommend these:


Fight age spots with Mavala Anti-Blemish Cream for hands (R199,95).


Toughen up tearing and peeling nails with Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening (R99,95).


Brand-new Sh’Zen Replenishing Serum for hands (R189) works while you sleep.


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Copy originally appeared in Good Housekeeping of August 2012.


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