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The Good Housekeeping fashion team on dressing for their body types

Steal their style secrets!
Good Housekeeping

Knowing how to dress for your body type means dressing in a way that will accentuate your best features. See how the Good Housekeeping fashion team dress to highlight their best assets, and find out what their style modi operandi are.

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Fashion director: Bev Nates


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#1 I accentuate my waist

‘I’m pretty familiar with my body shape, as well as my flaws. I try to feature my petite waist, often accentuating it with belts as well as wearing fitted A-line skirts. I also wear lots of fitted shirts and blouses because I know they are a perfect fit and I always feel very well put together when I wear them.’

#2 I buy clothing one size bigger

‘The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is never to buy garments too small – they can easily make you look as though you’re stuffed into them. If they’re a size bigger, they normally look much better. So, forget the size – it means nothing!’

Fashion editor: Cleo Marcopoulos



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#1 I wear clothing that elongates my body

‘Being petite, I love wearing items that elongate my body. Maxi dresses are a great option for summer because of their head-to-toe appeal. I’ve also found myself replacing dresses with jump suits lately – they’re like the modern version of a dress. I feel uber-powerful in a fitted or tailored jump suit.’

#2 I embrace my curves

‘I don’t have a tiny waist like those lucky hourglass-shaped girls, so I find garments that accentuate my waist and make my silhouette more shapely – my go-to! Embrace your curves, ladies. They’re power.’

#3 I work my best assets

‘Always work your best assets. I love my small boobs, so I often opt for dresses with plunging necklines. They never fail to make me feel like a goddess.’

Fashion assistant: Clare Robertson



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#1 I wear items that complement my middle

‘To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure what my body type actually is. I don’t like the idea that ”everyone has a specific body type” (pear, hourglass and so on)’ because we are all so different! I would describe my body as being slim with curves (I have hips and a smaller waist), so I tend to opt for anything and everything that’s high-waisted. These complement my hips and accentuate my smaller waistline. Wrap dresses and wrap shirts also suit me in the same way, as they cinch in my waist.’

#2 I balance out my proportions

‘I have long legs, which look best in skinny and tailored trousers. I like to keep a balance between my top and bottom half in terms of volume and so I’ll wear skinny pants or a skirt with a poofy-shouldered blouse and jacket, for instance, or wide-leg trousers and chunky shoes with a fitted top.’

Fashion intern: Lesego


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#1 I embrace my height

‘I have very long legs and I love to emphasise them (even more) by wearing jump suits and wide-leg pants. I feel these show my legs off best, and make them look even longer! I’m quite tall, and most dresses can look quite short on me, so I tend to opt for the maxi dress style, which I feel complements my body type. I also think off-the-shoulder pieces work well, as they elongate my neck and show off skin in a very subtle, yet sexy, way.’

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