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We bust 3 sunscreen myths

Find out how to really protect yourself against sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkles

Myth #1

Moisturisers with SPF will save your face

You’d think that a lotion promising broad-spectrum protection would help filter out UVA rays – the ones that cause ageing and cancer without burning skin. But a recent analysis proved exactly the opposite. To find a product that offers the best protection, look for these ingredients: zinc oxide (ideally more than five percent) or a combination of avobenzone (more than two percent is best) and octocrylene (ideally, more than 3,6%), or for a product with ecamsule.


Myth #2

If you spent a lot of time in the sun as a child, the damage is already done

In the Australian study, participants were 25 to 75 years old when they began daily sunscreen use, and it still had a big impact. ‘It’s clearly never too late to start sun-protection measures,’ says lead author Prof Adèle Green of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia.


Myth #3

It’s worth buying the highest possible SPF

No sunscreen blocks 100% of sunburn-causing UVB rays; SPF30 cuts out 97%, while SPF50 blocks 98%. Most women don’t need more than SPF30 but if you’re highly sun-sensitive or tend to apply lotion skimpily, you might go higher.


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