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What are gel peels and why should you be using them?

Changing the way you exfoliate for the better
gel peels

For years we all thought that the best way to remove gunk from our skin, clear our pores, and keep our skin smooth was through exfoliation and using scrubs that contain micro beads or grains that slough away any debris.

Now we know better – dermatologists have confirmed that scrubs can actually do more harm than good because they cause tiny micro-tears in the skin, causing damage rather than keeping skin healthy. So how are we meant to be exfoliating our faces and preventing our skin from becoming dull? Gel peels are the answer, as they are gentle yet effective.

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How they work

While the name might sound like something that should be administered by a skincare professional at a medical facility, gel peels are at-home treatments that remove dead skin cells and other buildup, leaving skin smooth and soft, without being as harsh as a traditional exfoliant.

They are applied to a dry face and the gel is gently massaged into the skin in circular motions using your fingers. Soon the gel will get dirty and this means that daily grime and skin cells have been picked up by the gel, which is rich in enzymes, and can then be wiped or washed off.

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Gel peels can be used as often as you would usually exfoliate and no less than once a week for the best results, and have been shown to reduce discolouration, lighten scars and keep skin smooth and blemish-free. And while this modern skincare must-have might take some getting used to, once you’ve got the hang of it, gel peels will become your secret weapon when it comes to looking youthful and more radiant.



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