Win an Eye consultation and Spectacle Lenses

Reflections on the front surface of spectacle lenses are a nuisance and are distracting for wearers. The good news is that ZEISS has the solution with its new DuraVision Platinum anti-reflective coating

Although ZEISS lens coatings are 250 times thinner than an ordinary piece of paper, they are extremely tough and will equip your lenses to handle life’s daily bangs and bashes, protecting your pricey purchase from daily wear and tear. They are also anti-static, repel dust and are easy to clean.

This durable coating admits 20% more light through the lens, which means clearer vision for the wearer. It also significantly reduces irritating reflections on the lens surface.

ZEISS DuraVision anti-reflective coatings are available from your optometrist or call ZEISS on 08611 ZEISS to find out where the nearest supplier is. For more information visit www.zeiss.co.za/vision or like ZEISS on Facebook www.facebook.com/zeissbettervision.za

*From R3 000 depending on individual requirements. Frames are not included.