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Yes, you can retire when you reach 60 – even these days!


Retiring on your 60th birthday is more of a challenge now than it ever has been, but it’s still possible, as long as you plan well.


  • You need to create a “pot” of money large enough to generate the income you’ll need. This should, of course, include pensions, but the best retirement strategies usually combine other types of investments.
  • Having enough in the retirement “pot” to fund the lifestyle you want means understanding that your expenses will be different from when you were working. Hopefully your home loan will be paid off and your children will be financially independent, but you might have other expenses, such as increased leisure costs and health care.
  • Once you have a precise target in mind, you can start working towards it. Depending on your budget, this might involve taking some investment risk with your cash in an attempt to boost returns. Most importantly you need to keep things under regular review. It’s no good starting a retirement plan today and then not looking at it again until the day before you hope to retire.


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