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Sugar is hidden in surprising places, and it’s putting our health at risk. Use our teaspoon count to chart your sugar intake



Sugar check

Some foodstuffs rack up points because they’re high in carbohydrates that quickly convert to sugar. Use our teaspoon count to chart your sugar intake:


Glass white wine = 1 teaspoon of sugar

Low-cocoa chocolate square = 1 teaspoon of sugar

Glass of fresh orange juice = 3 teaspoons of sugar

Digestive biscuit = 2 teaspoons of sugar

Slice of white bread = 4 teaspoons of sugar

Handful of dried fruit = 3 teaspoons of sugar

Cupcake = 6 teaspoons of sugar

Banana = 6 teaspoons of sugar

Can of Coke = 7 teaspoons of sugar

Bowl of mashed potato = 8 teaspoons of sugar

Bowl of white rice = 9 teaspoons of sugar


Read more on Sugar Consumption in our March 2013 issue!  (p. 102)


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