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Taste Test: Vanilla Custard

Ready-to-eat custard is perfect for whipping up a dessert in minutes. Enjoy it alone or add it to your favourite sweet treat







First Choice Vanilla Custard (R19,99) earned the top spot for its colour, aroma and strong vanilla flavour. It can be served hot or cold, but heat it up for a creamier texture.

Rating: 9






Ultra Mel Vanilla Flavoured Custard (R25,99) looked as good as it tasted. It was just sweet enough, with a hint of vanilla. Heat it if you want to intensify the aroma.

 Rating: 8





Woolworths Vanilla Flavoured Custard (R22,95) had good flavour when served hot or cold. Our tasters loved its pourable, balanced texture and not-too-sweet flavour.

Rating: 7


Also Tested



PnP Fresh Vanilla Custard


PnP Fresh Vanilla Custard (R14,99 for 500g) has a pale cream colour that our tasters found unappealing. They gave its sweet flavour the thumbs up and said that it was well balanced, with a thick texture.

Rating: 6




Parmalat Sweetened Dairy Custard Vanilla Flavoured

Our tasters enjoyed Parmalat’s (R21,99 for 1 litre) sweet flavour and good aroma, but found its aftertaste to be a little powdery and starchy. It has a good texture, which is slightly thick, but still pourable. The custard is perfect served hot or cold.

Rating: 4





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