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28-day walking plan: week II

Whether you want to lose weight or get fit, our plan will help you achieve your goals. It gives you the basics you need to get going and improve your fitness over 28 days.

Week 2: You’ll be amazed how quickly your fitness builds. Even by week two you’ll find you’re walking further than you did in week one.

Your Goal: To continue to walk for 30 min on at least five days and increase your time by 10 min on at least three of those days.


Click here to see the programme for Week I.

Download the complete plan here.


Day 8

If walking alone suites you, stick with it – but if your enthusiasm is flagging, look for a walking buddy with roughly the same schedule and level of fitness.


Day 9

Add an interval where you can increase your pace for a few minutes. From your normal walking pace, speed up a notch for two minutes then drop back to your normal rate.


Day 10

Variety will keep you motivated. Don’t just stick with one route – have several and alternate between them.


Day 11

Take a rest from walking and try another activity, such as swimming, dancing or yoga.


Day 12

Keep a spring in your step by listening to upbeat music while you walk. Researchers have found it helps you walk further and boosts your brain power.


Day 13

Repeat what you did on day nine, but try adding two intervals to your walk today.


Day 14

Take a rest if you need it or go for a walk with the rest of the family.


Source: Good Housekeeping UK, March 2010

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