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28-day walking plan: week III

Whether you want to lose weight or get fit, our plan will help you achieve your goals. It gives you the basics you need to get going and improve your fitness over 28 days

Week 3: By now you’ll be walking faster and pushing your body harder, so get into the habit of doing some stretches after each walk.

Your Goal: To walk for 30 min on at least six days and increase your walking time to 45 min on at least three of these days. Aim to be doing the majority of your walks at a brisker pace.


Click here for the programmes for Week I and Week II.

Download the complete plan here.


Day 15

Pay attention to your technique – especially once you start walking faster. Make sure you’re not leaning forward, which will affect your posture and put stress on your joints, and don’t make your stride too long. A greater number of small steps will help you move forward faster than fewer longer ones.


Day 16

Add some intervals to today’s walk – walk for five minutes at your normal pace, then speed up to your fastest pace for three minutes before dropping back. Repeat twice during the walk.


Day 17

Feel those endorphins flooding through your body. Studies have shown that walking is as effective as antidepressants in combating mild depression.


Day 18

Have a rest day and do another activity, like swimming, dancing or yoga.


Day 19

If you’re aiming to lose weight, just 15 minutes of walking has been shown to reduce chocolate cravings. Scientists at Exeter University in the UK think that walking affects brain chemicals that help regulate your mood and food cravings.


Day 20

Do an interval-walk again today. Walk for five minutes at your normal pace and speed up for three minutes, before going back down again. Repeat three times during the walk.


Day 21

Walk with the family – find a fun, short walk round a local country park or the grounds of a stately home.


Source: Good Housekeeping UK, March 2010

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