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3 lesser-known symptoms of a heart attack

It can happen to anyone at any time, so make sure you’re as informed and prepared as you can be


In the non-Hollywood version of heart attacks, symptoms may include:


1. shortness of breath

2. nausea

3. back or jaw pain without chest pain


Such non-classic coronaries are more common in women – and more deadly: the attacks may differ biologically, say US researchers in Florida, but delays in seeking help are also part of the reason.


Emergency Medical Service teams and ER docs are also less likely to recognise this type of heart attack and to give life-saving treatments.

Got symptoms? Call 10177 from a landline or 112 from your cellphone and say, ‘I’m having a heart attack!’ If you’re wrong, well … that’s great. 


Q: What are you doing to protect your family’s hearts?

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