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3 Steps to Being Healthier and Happier at Work

Quick tricks to stop stress and boost your immune system



1. Make a lunch date with nature

Slash stress during the working day by spending your lunch hour in a tree-lined neighbourhood park. It’s been shown to increase immune function by reducing stress and increasing the levels of your body’s natural killer cells that defend against viruses. No summer colds!


 2. Don’t just sit there

Desk jobs can be dangerous. Too much sitting has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mortality. Set an alarm on your phone to prompt you to get up and get moving every 60 minutes. Regular movement boosts your metabolism and increases HDL (healthy cholesterol).


3. Hit happy hour

Working late all the time could be a mental health hazard. In a study, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health tracked a group of workers in Britain over several years and found that regularly spending more than 11 hours a day on the job doubled the employees’ chances of a major depressive episode. Need help getting out the door? Make after-work plans – and don’t cancel them. Tell the boss it’s doctor’s orders.


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