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3 ways to sneak in exercise at work

Try these small yet effective ways to fit in fitness during a working day
exercise at work

1. Move for 2 minutes

Not only can sitting all day typing away at a keyboard give you that dreaded ‘office tush’, new research shows it may also take years off your life. Yikes! On the bright side, there’s an easy solution: getting up and walking around for two minutes every hour.

An analysis in the Clinical Journal Of The American Society Of Nephrology suggests that these tiny snippets of activity are linked to longer life spans.

2. Stand more

Another upside to sitting less is that using a work station that allows you to sit and stand may improve mood and decrease stress. Plus, a Texan study (albeit one on children) found that a standing desk upped participants’ ability to pay attention to the task at hand by 12%.

Visit deskstand.co for more information on sit-stand work stations in South Africa.

3. Get buff at lunch

If waking up at dawn to exercise is as appealing as a hangover, sneak in a workout that’s only slightly sweaty during your lunch hour. Try a 20-minute circuit; it leaves you time to enjoy your sandwich instead of wolfing it down.

No gym nearby? Stow sneakers under your desk and go for a quick power walk. Download and print our free walking plan.

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