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4 easy tips to improve your health

Simply ditching your morning toast can be good for you; here are some healthy tips



1. Ditch the morning toast

Eating cereal with milk every day could cut the risk of osteoporosis by 36%, according to a study at King’s College London in the UK.


2. Give him a glass of water

A 15-year study found that men who drank one sugary, fizzy drink a day were 40% more likely to develop prostate cancer, possibly because sugar triggers insulin that feeds the tumour.


3. Go to the movies

People who go to the cinema once a month are 62% less likely to feel depressed. The movies help us let out our emotions in the safety of the cinema, says a study conducted by Dr Noah Uhrig of the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex in the UK.


4. Go for a morning run

Playing a sport or running at least three hours a week could help teens – especially girls – counteract the potential damage to bone health caused by prolonged sitting.


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