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4 must-know facts about osteoporosis

This bone-thinning disease is not just an inevitable part of aging. Here’s what women need to know about how to prevent, detect and treat osteoporosis


Should you worry?

Having delicate bones increases the risk, as does anything that slows the flow of protective oestrogen – such as early menopause or removal of the ovaries before 45, anorexia and excessive exercise.



Spot the signs

If you trip and fracture your wrist, ask for an assessment or scan. The bone shouldn’t break if you fall from standing height, say the UK’s National Osteoporosis Society.



How to stay healthy

1. Bones need vitamin D, so go outside for ten minutes a day to absorb it from the sun. It’s also found in food such as egg yolks and oily fish.

2. Adults should eat 700mg of calcium a day. If you want a supplement, take calcium with Vitamin D.

3. Get moving – all weight-bearing exercise is good, but if your joints are fit, a short, sharp shock actually can increase bone density. Try short bouts of jogging, running upstairs, or working out on a PowerPlate.



Must-know tip

Watch your intake of coffee, fizzy drinks, and ‘acid’ foods – animal protein and starch – which leach calcium from the bones. Milk is broadly neutral, so drink up!


Source: Good Housekeeping magazine


Q: Are you worried about developing osteoporosis?

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