4 realistic New Year’s resolutions

Make your list of New Year’s resolutions more realistic and you are more likely to stick to them in 2017
new year's resolutions


The notion of ‘New Year’s resolutions’ is enough even to make the most optimistic person roll her eyes sometimes. We came across four realistic New Year’s resolutions you can actually stick to.

  1. Not all at once
    Instead of making a list of valiant New Year’s resolutions (‘I will quit sugar in 2017’ or ‘I will save up for a trip abroad’), break up your goals into smaller steps. It’s easy to fall off the wagon or forget about your resolutions if the goal seems unreachable. Did you resolve to go cold turkey on sugar only to reach for a chocolate after dinner on 4 January (we all do!)? Rather plan to give up one or two sugary snacks you can’t seem to quit – start by cutting down the sugar in your coffee, trade your dairy milk chocolate for high-quality dark chocolate or replace sweetened carbonated drinks with flavoured sparkling water. Do you want to save more money? Evaluate your current budget and identify where you overspend. Contact your bank or a financial planner about options for an investment savings account and start by putting away a small amount of money each month.
  2. Stop searching for unattainable inspiration
    Enough with the body shaming! Don’t tackle your New Year’s resolution to lose weight by using images of celebrities’ bodies as your inspiration. Start admiring the very real friends in your life and start liking your own body.
  3. Place health before weight
    We’ve all set our sights on losing a certain number of kilograms by a certain time (‘by February I will lose 10kg, watch me!’) only to be highly disappointed by what the scale tells us. Stop making resolutions about weight and start making them about your health. Don’t tell yourself: ‘I want to go to the gym so that I can fit into my trousers’. Rather say: ‘I want to do an exercise I enjoy to improve my mood, circulation, blood pressure and overall health’. Please don’t fall victim to trendy crash diets
  4. Cherish the relationships you have instead of trying to hunt down ‘The One’
    Whether you are happily married, dating, or single and wishing for a partner, live in the moment and start appreciating the people who are indeed present in your life. Spend more time on organising coffee dates or fun activities with existing friends rather than hunting the ‘next best thing’. 
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