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5 Easy Ways to Burn 840kJ Daily

You don’t have to sweat it out on a treadmill to burn 840kJ. In many cases, it’s a matter of making a slightly healthier choice when you’re doing everyday things



Make these swaps every day and you’ll shed about 840 bonus kilojoules a day. (This will vary depending on your size and age.)


130kJ: Switch your Nuts

Nuts are all good for protein, dietary fibre and essential nutrients. But in terms of kilojoules, choose almonds. A small handful of about 20 nuts contains 130 fewer kilojoules than the same number of cashews.


100kJ: Pour your own Wine

A study has shown bartenders often pour much more than the standard glass. So you might think you’re drinking about 150ml of wine when you’re drinking closer to 190ml. Have Friday drinks at your place this week and you can ration your own pouring. You’ll be 110kJ better of for it with each glass of wine.


130kJ: Dance around the House

Turn on your favourite song and dance around like a maniac before you leave the house in the morning. Not only does it feel fantastic, but a woman will burn about 130kJ after just five minutes.


240kJ: Rethink your Coffee

A large flat white contains a staggering number of kilojoules. It seems obvious, but you can shed a lot of them by ordering a smaller coffee. The trouble is the milk. A 400ml flat white made with full-cream milk contains about 940kJ, but a 300ml version has only 700kJ. Switch to a long black and you’ll almost completely eliminate the kilojoules from your daily cup of coffee.


240kJ: Ban the Pan

A poached or boiled egg contains about 380kJ. One from the frying pan contains about 615kJ. And scrambled eggs? Don’t even go there. It’s 1 580kJ per cup if you do.


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