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Five juices for energy

Not only are these juices delicious, but they’re good for you too

Avoid high-sugar, refined-carbohydrate foods that give you an instant but short-lived lift. Instead, try one of these quick and easy juices for a great vitality boost. Just juice the ingredients and then stir before drinking.


  1. Great combo – a sweet mixture that’s perfect for any time of the day. How: Juice together six carrots and two apples.
  2. Skinny sipping – just what you need to shed those extra kilos. How: Juice together four carrots, one cucumber and one beetroot.
  3. Fruit cocktail – perfect for summer! Serve it to friends in a nice glass and with some crushed ice. How: Juice together 400g pineapple, five strawberries and the grapes from one small bunch.
  4. Fresh flush – this one’s great for the digestion. How: Juice together two apples, one pear and one tablespoon fresh ginger.
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