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5 reasons you need indoor plants

Bringing nature into your home can create a sanctuary from the outside world. Best of all, it’s good for your health!
indoor plants


Bringing nature into your home can create a sanctuary from the outside world. Best of all, it’s good for your health! Here are five benefits of indoor plants:

1. They purify the air

Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and we need oxygen to live. And the cleaner the air the better. So why not do what you can to ensure that you have the best-quality air in your home? Nasa did research on air quality in sealed environments that concluded that plants clear the air of toxins, benzene, formaldehyde and more, and that you need at least one plant for every nine square metres of home or office space.

2. They help deter illness

Plants have the ability to humidify the air and decrease dust. Studies in Norway have shown that people experience fewer sore throats and even headaches when there are plants in an office or home. Studies have also shown that being surrounded by a little green can contribute to a person’s mental health. Studies found that patients in hospitals who had garden views had a greater chance of recovering than those who were confined to a room without a garden view. They concluded that the presence of plants contributes to a feeling of wellbeing, making people more happy and optimistic.

3. They can reduce stress (and up productivity)

Are those deadlines getting the better of you? Get a green ‘colleague’ to help you take the pressure off! Studies have shown that having a potted plant in the workspace can actively reduce stress. Research at Uppsala University in Sweden has also shown that workers surrounded by greenery were able to complete computer-based tasks 12 times faster than those with no potted plants in the workspace.

4. They can help you sleep better

According to an article by Dr Luz Claudio published in Environmental Health Perspectives, plants that have a soothing effect, such as jasmine, lavender and aloe vera, can increase the quality of your sleep if you keep one or some of these plants in your bedroom. The presence of these plants can also lower heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety levels.

5. They will make your house a home

Indoor plants have been in and out of vogue for centuries. Think Ancient Greece and Egypt, the discovery of the New World (all those exotic plants being brought back to greenhouses!) and right up until the Victorian Age. Maybe it’s not a coincidence at all that colour company Pantone chose ‘Greenery’ as the Colour of the Year for 2017. So why not bring new life to your living space with an indoor plant or two for a healthy, soothing and beautiful home?

Photo: iStock/IPGGutenbergUKLtd


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