5 unhealthy ‘health’ foods

Here are some of the most unhealthy ‘health’ foods that can jeopardise your weight-loss efforts
unhealthy health food


Whether or not you want to lose weight, eating healthily is something we should all strive to do. But be careful: some seemingly healthy foods can jeopardise your health or weight-loss goals.

  1. Bran muffins
    One of the most unhealthy ‘health’ foods are probably muffins. These little numbers, cleverly disguised as breakfast, are actually nothing more than modest cupcakes! Even a bran muffin can be loaded with sugar, oil, or both. If you do go the muffin route, choose a normal filter coffee instead of a sugary latte to go with it.
  2. Granola
    Granola is a delicious treat with yoghurt, but a lot of shop-bought varieties are full of sugar and preservatives. You don’t have to do without it completely, though – simply make your own by roasting oats, seeds and nuts. This is much healthier and more affordable too.
  3. Premixed smoothies and fruit juice
    Although it may be so much easier and quicker to buy these than make your own, as you don’t have to chop and blend your own fruit, premixed smoothies can contain loads of sugar, stabilisers and thickeners. Rather take the time to blend your own smoothies.
  4. Flavoured yoghurt
    Even though some of these yoghurts are branded as low-fat and non-fat, the artificial sweetener and colourants can do more harm than good. If you want to get your fruity fix, add chopped fruit to plain or Greek yoghurt. Easy!
  5. Protein bars
    While protein bars are great for a quick boost of energy before a strenuous workout, nutritionists do not recommend them for daily snacking. The sugar content of these bars can sometimes even rival that of your favourite chocolate bar. Reserve protein bars for races and long hikes, and snack on more natural sources of protein such as nuts and yoghurt on regular days.


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