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5 ways to keep your family healthy this winter

Follow these simple steps to jump-start your children’s lifelong healthy-living habits


1. Always store medicines in their original packaging – it’s easier to check the correct dosage and expiry dates later.

2. Keep fit and have fun with the next big thing: a hoola hoop. It will help tone your abs and trim your waist.

3. Eat for healthy skin. Research shows children whose diets are high in beta carotene, iron, vitamin E and folic acid have the lowest risk of developing eczema – sneak orange and yellow veg, oily fish, red meat and greens into their favourite dishes.

4. Ditch the morning toast: eating cereal with milk every day could cut the risk of osteoporosis by 36%, according to a study at King’s College, London.

5. Limit children’s screen time to two hours daily – any more could expose them to a greater risk of psychological problems in the future, say researchers at Bristol University.



Q: How do you keep your family healthy?


Source: Good Housekeeping magazine

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